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Coyote Valley Tribal Council


Richard Campbell, Jr.
Vice Chairman
Elected September 8, 2021

Candace Gonzales.jpg

Candace Lowe 

Elected April 24, 2013

The Secretary of the Tribal Council is charged with the responsibility of handling all official correspondence of the Tribal Council, keeping the minutes of all meetings of the Tribal and General Council and certifying to the Superintendent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Central California Agency, the duly elected officers of the Tribal and General Council within fifteen (15) days from the date of any election.


Amanda Pulawa 
Elected February 14, 2023

Margaret "Markie" Olea 
Tribal Historian


John Feliz, Sr.
Member at Large
Elected December 9, 2014

Elected in 2014 to the Coyote Valley Tribal Council, John Feliz, Sr. serves as a Tribal Council Member to the Tribal government of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians. Council Member Feliz served the Tribe in prior leadership positions as a Tribal Historian and Tribal Secretary to the Tribal Council.

Mr. Feliz has worked for the Tribe for over 15 years as a Housing Maintenance Supervisor for the Tribe’s Housing Department. He has dedicated over a decade of service to the Tribe in numerous capacities. He is committed to providing effective leadership and supporting efforts so that tribal members have better employment, housing, health care, and education opportunities. As a previous member of the Tribal Council, Feliz was a part of the leadership team that renegotiated Tribe’s gaming compact with the State of California, which significantly reduced the Tribe’s financial burdens, saving the Tribe millions of dollars in fees paid to the State. In past leadership roles, Feliz represented the Tribe at Tribal EPA Regional functions with other Tribal delegates. Over the years, he has been involved in and worked with Tribal Council members on a number of tribal efforts including the establishment of Tribe’s economic development corporation, a tribal court, and other important tribal endeavors. Council Member Feliz believes in upholding and supporting the Tribe’s constitution and protecting the rights of all tribal members.

Council Member Feliz grew up in Mendocino County and has lived there his entire life. During his high school career, John Feliz, Sr. was an accomplished sportsman at Ukiah High School, participating in the wrestling and football programs. Later, Council Member Feliz wrestled for Mendocino College. Feliz is an avid NASCAR fan. He currently resides on the Coyote Valley Reservation, where he enjoys helping members of the community. He has two children and five grandchildren.


Patrick Naredo
Member at Large
Elected February 14, 2023

John Feliz, Jr.
Tribal Chief
Elected December 4, 2012

The Chief of the Tribe is elected by the General Council and is the representative of the General Membership in all matters of the Tribe. The Chief is charged with the power of review, approval, or veto of any law passed by the Tribal Council and the facilitation of all petitions submitted by the General Council exercising its power of self-government in compliance with the Tribe’s Constitution.

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