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Coyote Valley Tribal Council


Richard Campbell, Jr.
Vice Chairman
Elected September 8, 2021

Candace Gonzales.jpg

Candace Lowe 

Elected April 24, 2013

The Secretary of the Tribal Council is charged with the responsibility of handling all official correspondence of the Tribal Council, keeping the minutes of all meetings of the Tribal and General Council and certifying to the Superintendent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Central California Agency, the duly elected officers of the Tribal and General Council within fifteen (15) days from the date of any election.


Amanda Pulawa 
Elected February 14, 2023

Margaret "Markie" Olea 
Tribal Historian

Elected February 15, 2022


Margaret “Markie” Olea, elected in 2022 to the Coyote Valley Tribal Council, is proud to serve as the Tribal Historian.  Mrs. Olea has served the Coyote Valley Band in many capacities for over 25 years.  She will truly attest that she started from the bottom, and with her hard work and dedication, and support from our people she is honored to represent the Coyote Valley people as the Tribal Historian.

Margaret began her career with the tribe in 1992, when she was hired as a Fiscal Clerk through the CIMC Work Program. She has worked with numerous people who have taught and mentored her into being the leader and representative that she strives to be.  Throughout her 25+ years with Coyote Valley, she has served in the Tribe’s Fiscal, Education, Gaming Commission, and Health departments. On several occasions, she has worn many hats in the efforts of keeping tribal operations running smoothly and serving the tribal people and our external partners. After taking a brief break from serving the tribe from 1996 – 1999, she relocated to her home-town in Southern California to be near her mother, at which time she worked for a construction company based in Lake Elsinore, California. Her return back to Coyote Valley occurred in October 1999, when she was offered a position in our Tribal Education department. Mrs. Olea also serves as member of the Tribe’s Coyote Economic Development Corporation. Not only is Margaret dedicated, compassionate and empathetic to our community our people’s needs, she is a driving force on the Tribal Council helping lay the foundation for our continued success.

When not tending to her tribal duties, Margaret appreciates spending quality time with her family, and keeps busy enjoying her grandchildren and supporting community activities.


John Feliz, Sr.
Member at Large
Elected December 9, 2014

Elected in 2014 to the Coyote Valley Tribal Council, John Feliz, Sr. serves as a Tribal Council Member to the Tribal government of the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians. Council Member Feliz served the Tribe in prior leadership positions as a Tribal Historian and Tribal Secretary to the Tribal Council.

Mr. Feliz has worked for the Tribe for over 15 years as a Housing Maintenance Supervisor for the Tribe’s Housing Department. He has dedicated over a decade of service to the Tribe in numerous capacities. He is committed to providing effective leadership and supporting efforts so that tribal members have better employment, housing, health care, and education opportunities. As a previous member of the Tribal Council, Feliz was a part of the leadership team that renegotiated Tribe’s gaming compact with the State of California, which significantly reduced the Tribe’s financial burdens, saving the Tribe millions of dollars in fees paid to the State. In past leadership roles, Feliz represented the Tribe at Tribal EPA Regional functions with other Tribal delegates. Over the years, he has been involved in and worked with Tribal Council members on a number of tribal efforts including the establishment of Tribe’s economic development corporation, a tribal court, and other important tribal endeavors. Council Member Feliz believes in upholding and supporting the Tribe’s constitution and protecting the rights of all tribal members.

Council Member Feliz grew up in Mendocino County and has lived there his entire life. During his high school career, John Feliz, Sr. was an accomplished sportsman at Ukiah High School, participating in the wrestling and football programs. Later, Council Member Feliz wrestled for Mendocino College. Feliz is an avid NASCAR fan. He currently resides on the Coyote Valley Reservation, where he enjoys helping members of the community. He has two children and five grandchildren.


Patrick Naredo
Member at Large
Elected February 14, 2023

Patrick Naredo is a seasoned executive board member with over 18 years of success in tribal government and economic development. He is currently a member of the Coyote Valley Tribal Council and serves on the boards of several tribal enterprises, including Coyote Economic Development Corporation (CEDCO), Coyote Valley Entertainment Enterprise (CVEE), Coyote Valley Hospitality Corporation (CVHC), Coyote Valley Retail Enterprises (CVRE), and Coyote Tribal Holdings Corporation (CTHC).

In his role on the Tribal Council, Mr. Naredo has played a pivotal role in the Coyote Valleys economic development. He has overseen the development and implementation of several successful economic development projects, including:

  • A 7,500-square-foot convenience store and gas station complex. This project has provided jobs for tribal members and has improved the tribe's economic self-sufficiency.

  • A 1,500-square-foot mini casino. This project has been a great success, generating additional gaming revenue for the tribe and creating jobs for tribal members.

  • A 54,000-square-foot casino. This project is a major economic driver for the tribe and provides hundreds of jobs.

  • A water treatment facility that has improved the quality of drinking water for the tribe. This project has provided additional jobs and allows the tribe to be self-sufficient.

  • A wastewater treatment facility that has reduced the tribe's environmental impact. This project has protected the environment and has saved the tribe money on its wastewater disposal costs.

  • 28 new houses that have provided affordable housing for tribal members. This project has improved the quality of life for tribal members and has helped to reduce poverty on the reservation.

  • A 2,400-square-foot community building that is used for a variety of events, including family events and community meetings. This building has been a valuable resource for the tribe and has helped to promote community cohesion.

  • 50,000-plus acres of Civil improvements for current and future development, infostructure and landscaping have made the tribe's land more attractive for residents and visitors. The site work projects continue to created jobs and boost the tribe's economy.

In addition to his work on economic development projects, Mr. Naredo has also spearheaded several key initiatives that have contributed to the tribe's economic growth. He played a vital role in renegotiating the tribe's gaming compact with the State of California and the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Mendocino County. As a result of his efforts, the tribe was able to secure a more favorable compact and MOU agreement, which will enable it to generate more revenue from gaming. He has also been instrumental in the development of the tribe's master planning and strategic planning. Mr. Naredo brings a strong business acumen and extensive experience to the government and CEDCO subsidiaries, where he provides valuable insights and advice on important decisions related to operations, procurement, budgeting, contracting, and development.

Prior to his career in tribal government, Mr. Naredo held positions in the engineering design field, where he honed his skills in cross-disciplinary and cross-sector communication and project management. This experience has been invaluable in his work on economic development projects, as it has allowed him to work effectively with people from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Mr. Naredo is known for his strong work ethic, strategic vision, and dedication to improving the lives of his people. He brings a heightened level of stability, institutional knowledge, and leadership to the team and is a valuable asset to the Coyote Valley Tribe and is poised to continue to play a significant role in the tribe's future government programs and economic development.


Jason Brown
Tribal Chief
Appointed January 18, 2024

The Chief of the Tribe is the representative of the General Membership in all matters of the Tribe. The Chief is charged with the power of review, approval, or veto of any law passed by the Tribal Council and the facilitation of all petitions submitted by the General Council exercising its power of self-governance in compliance with the Tribe’s Constitution.
Jason Brown grew up on the Coyote Valley Reservation, where he was heavily influenced by Tribal leaders who contributed to his Tribal Government education. He actively participated in youth leadership training and traditional cultural practices. At the age of 15, he worked in Tribal summer intern programs offered by the Education and Environmental Protection Departments. His natural leadership and quick learning aptitude contributed to his ability to quickly rise through the job ranks of the Tribal Education Department.
He served in various capacities that included Gym Monitor, Lead Tutor and quickly became a vital asset to the Education Manager and community. Jason has always been described by co-workers as someone who goes the extra mile to help everyone. During this time, he noticed the health disparities faced by his community and decided to enter healthcare and public service. Following his goal of improving community health, Jason decided to pursue higher education by enrolling in Mendocino College to pursue a Nursing Degree. He has completed the general education requirements and is applying to Mendocino College’s Nursing Program. Jason currently works as a Nursing Assistant at Ukiah Valley Medical Center. His job includes providing care to patients, supporting nursing staff, and ensuring safety protocols and procedures are carried out appropriately. He has dedicated his life to public service and is committed to improving the quality of life for his people and community.
It is Chief Brown’s goal to ensure all Tribal Members are heard and to provide advocacy to those in need. He is committed to upholding the laws while supporting and working towards accomplishing the goals of the Tribal Government and Tribal Council.

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